After the ceremony, all 156 members of the second group completed their check-in procedures and boarded the plane.

(Photo for illustration)

As scheduled, they departed from Noi Bai International Airport to Uganda where a logistics base of the U.N. is garrisoned and in charge of carrying out procedures to enter UNISFA. After that, Vietnamese engineers will experience several flights from Uganda to a U.N. transit base, some 200km from Abyei.

The second group will join the first group – the advance mission of the Engineering Company Rotation 1 at UNISFA.

The 28-strong advance mission arrived in the U.N. mission earlier to receive equipment shipped from Vietnam and make thorough preparations to welcome the remaining of the Engineering Company Rotation 1.

Among 184 members of the Engineering Company Rotation 1, 21 are women. The company is tasked with conducting humanitarian assistance activities, assisting U.N. peacekeeping missions in performing duties of peacekeeping and reconstruction, and bringing a peaceful life to local people.

Translated by Mai Huong