“Army of Culture” contingent both practices and performs

On August 9, the “Army of Culture” contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army had a meeting with other heads of participating contingents and referees. The same day, members of the Vietnamese contingent continued practicing to improve their professional expertise.

Vietnam’s “Army of Culture” contingent and foreign peers at a unit under the Russian Ministry of Defense

Over the past few days, alongside practice, the Vietnamese “Army of Culture” contingent has performed at a unit under the Russian Ministry of Defense and at the lot-drawing ceremony of the “Tank Biathlon” event of the Army Games 2022.

Among 16 members of the “Army of Culture” contingent, 11 are official for the competition. During their stay in Russia, they receive support from 10 Vietnamese volunteer students who are studying in Russia.

As planned, the Vietnamese contingent starts the competition on August 13.

Qualifying round of the Tank Contingent

At the qualifying round of the “Tank Biathlon” event, three crews of Vietnam’s Tank contingent will compete at 16:00 on August 13 (Vietnam time), 14:00 on August 16, and 14:00 on August 20, respectively. The contingent will operate blue tanks and compete with their rivals from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Venezuela in Group 1, according to the results of the lot-drawing ceremony held on August 8 at Patriot Park in the outskirts of Mowcow.

On receiving two tanks numbered 5310 and 7580, the Vietnamese Tank contingent has checked the tanks’ technical conditions, heard regulations on safety and techniques. In the coming days, the tank crews will adjust weapons, practice new competition contents, and get acquainted with the tracks to stay ready for the official competition day. 

“Special Breakthrough” contingent practices shooting

These days, the “Special Breakthrough” contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army continues to hone their shooting skills. The contingent consists of 12 Vietnamese cadets at Zhukovsky Air Force Academy in Voronezh city, in the south of Moscow.

The “Special Breakthrough” contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army

Vietnamese rivals are those from eight countries, namely Russia, Belarus, Cambodia, Abkhazia, Mali, Congo, Zimbabwe and Tajikistan.

The “Special Breakthrough” competition has three parts of maneuver to transport, relay, and finish.

This is the first time the Vietnam People’s Army has sent a contingent to this event.

The lot-drawing ceremony will take place on August 13.

“Meridian” contingent waits for the competition day

On August 9, Vietnam’s Meridian contingent continued their practice to be ready for the competition day with seven other contingents from Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia at Amandyk training ground in Shchuchinsk province, Kazakhstan.

The Meridian contingent practices shooting.

According to the lot-drawing results, the Vietnamese Meridian contingent will compete in weapons practice content on August 15, azimuth on August 17, and topographic quadrathlon on August 19.

Apart from the aforementioned contingents, other contingents of the Vietnam People’s Army, including “Military Medical Relay Race” (competing in Russia), “Confident Reception” (in Belarus), “Tactical Shooters” (Kazakhstan), “Safe environment” (Uzbekistan), and “Field kitchen” (Uzbekistan) are actively practicing and preparing for the competitions.

Reported by Vu Hung and Phu Son from Moscow, Russia

Translated by Mai Huong