The event was chaired by Major General Thai Van Minh, Director of the Department of Military Training, and attended by representatives of the Department of Search and Rescue and members of the two contingents.

Major General Thai Van Minh speaking at the event

At the ceremony, the organizing panel read the Defense Minister’s encouragement letter for participating troops. On behalf of coaches and members of the “Tactical Shooters” and “Emergency Area” contingents, Lieutenant Colonel Dao Trong Vinh, Head of the “Tactical Shooters” team, affirmed their determination to obtain the highest possible results at the upcoming event.

Since Vietnam has participated in Army Games four times, the country has learnt various experience in preparing and training participating troops. This year, the preparation for Vietnamese troops’ participation in the games and the training of participating contingents were soon paid due attention to; however, the country’ preparations, training, and participation in Army Games in foreign countries and its hosting of competition events have been strongly affected by the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the shortage of weapons, equipment, and vehicles also affected the training quality for the Vietnamese contingents. The training for the “Emergency area” contingent has also faced a lot of difficulties, as most members of the team have joined the event for the first time and lacked experience.

In preparation for the event, under the direction of leaders of the Ministry of National Defense, the General Staff, and the General Department of Political Affairs, relevant agencies and units have carefully selected troops to participate in the games as regulated. During training, participating teams have overcome all difficulties related to the shortage of weapons and vehicles and trained hard to prepare themselves for the upcoming event.

Major General Thai Van Minh handing national flags to the two contingents

Together with enhancing professional skills, members of the contingents have paid attention to raising their fitness as well as their determination to obtain the highest results at the event. Now all members of the teams are in good health condition, ready to compete in the games and determined to bring glory to the Vietnam People’s Army.

Translated by Tran Hoai