Members of the Vietnamese delegations laying flower at the President Ho Chi Minh Monument

At the event, the Vietnamese delegation observed a minute’s silence in commemoration of President Ho Chi Minh. They promised to continue to bring into play Uncle Ho’s soldiers’ virtues, promote solidarity, stay united, be active, creative, strictly observe regulations of the host countries and the games. They also vowed to surmount difficulties, compete with a friendly spirit, and strive to achieve the highest possible results, thereby beautifying the glorious traditions of the heroic Vietnam People’s Army, and at the same time popularizing the image of Vietnam and its people among international friends.

Tank contingent adjusts weapons

The same day, the Tank contingents of Vietnam and other rivals were present at Alabino training ground in the outskirts of Moscow to check conditions of the assigned tanks and weapons, and adjust the weapons.

As planned, the Vietnamese tank crews will operate blue tanks in the qualifying round, starting August 13. Their rivals are from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Venezuela.

Vietnamese tank crew checking their tank

Vietnamese signal troops make thorough preparations for the competition

Since their arrival in Minsk, Belarus on August 4, the signal contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army has made the most of their time to practice to improve their fitness and professional expertise, ensuring the best spiritual and physical conditions for the troops to compete in the “Confident Reception” event of the Army Games.

On August 9 (local time), there was a lot-drawing ceremony for the event at Uruche sports complex in Minsk. One day earlier, participating contingents joined another lot-drawing ceremony to decide weapons and other equipment used in the event.

In this year’s event, the Vietnamese signal contingent will compete in five stages of the “Confident Reception” competition. Attentively, the stage “Operate with the IT structure equipment” will see the participation of Vietnamese female troops.

Twelve contingents from host country Belarus, Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Uzbekistan, Syria, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Cameroon, Mali, and Sudan will compete in the “Confident Reception” competition.

Vietnamese medical troops get acquainted with the training ground

On August 10, the Vietnamese Military Medical contingent visited S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

During the visit, they and other foreign peers were introduced about the academy’s history and achievements.

The Vietnamese team get acquainted with the medical equipment

They also practiced with simulators to hone their skills and get acquainted with the medical equipment, school supplies, and training ground. 

This year’s “Military Medical Relay Race” event will see the competition of 15 contingents. However, just eight out of the 15 contingents compete at all stages of the competition. They are from Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Myanmar.

Translated by Mai Huong