The 11-member delegation of the Lai Chau provincial Border Guard Command was headed by its Commanding Officer Senior Colonel Trieu Quoc Nguay, while the mission of Honghe Border Management Section was led by its head Zhang Benyu.

At the online meeting

The talk took place in an atmosphere of friendship, frankness, and mutual trust. The two sides together reviewed the outcomes of their coordination in border management and protection, the fight against cross-border crimes, and COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control from August 2021 to the present.

They also analyzed the management of border areas and border markers and discussed and agreed on contents and measures to foster their coordination in the coming time.

In particular, the two delegations agreed to strictly carry out three legal documents on border management and maintain and bring into play the efficiency of available coordination mechanisms, including talks, meetings, exchange of information through hotlines, joint patrols, fight against cross-border crimes, security protection at important events, and diseases prevention, among others.

The two sides will also foster exchanging information related to security situation in border areas and COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and maintain cooperation mechanisms through hotlines and letters. They also agreed to strengthen management and control of key border sections, handle unexpected issues, and constantly enhance their coordination in fighting against cross-border crimes.

They added that dissemination of law and policies on border management and pandemic prevention and control to people living along the shared borderline should be paid special attention to.

The two units will coordinate to compile leaflets with information in both Vietnamese and Chinese to distribute to local people during patrols, on market days, and programs to raise their awareness of and encourage them to strictly observe regulations on border work and pandemic prevention and control.


Translated by Tran Hoai