On behalf of the Vietnamese Defense Ministry’s leadership, General Phuong confirmed that Vietnam attaches much importance to promoting friendship and cooperation with neighboring China.

The Vietnamese general added that during meetings, leaders of the two countries have always agreed to enhance Vietnam and China’s time-honored friendship and cooperation, including the defense ties.

The two sides have also organized exchange of delegations at all levels while ministries, departments and localities of the two countries have signed a number of cooperation agreements.

Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong (R) and Senior Colonel Pu Duanhua

The Chinese Political Academy delegation’s visit to Vietnam this time follows the successes in high-level visits, exchanges and practical and effective cooperation activities between the two militaries.

According to General Phuong, the two countries have enjoyed fine developments in the bilateral defense cooperation, which were manifested via the frequent meetings between senior leaders of the two militaries, and the effective and practical implementation of the cooperation deals, including the cooperation in Party and political work which is considered a specific field of the two militaries.

Senior Colonel Pu Duanhua thanked General Phuong for the warm reception and informed him of outcomes of the earlier meeting with the Political Academy of the Defense Ministry of Vietnam.

The Chinese officer said that the recent Vietnam visit of Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe has laid a firm foundation for the bilateral defense cooperation in general and for the cooperation between the two political academies in particular. He believed that the defense ties will further develop.

He also expressed his hope that the two sides will promote cooperation in Party and political work, experience sharing and academic exchange in the time to come.

Translated by Mai Huong