The 10th ASEAN Summit held in December 2004 in Laos passed the initiative to establish the ADMM in order to enhance integration of ASEAN and cope with security issues in the region and the world and to build an ASEAN Community. The success of the first edition of ADMM held in September 2006, in Malaysia, marked the start of an official defense cooperation mechanism in the region.

At the 13th ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting in July 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

Since its establishment, the ADMM has shown its role as the highest defense cooperation and consultation mechanism in ASEAN, contributing to building trust, consolidating solidarity, and strengthening the position of ASEAN in the international arena.

As an important component of the ASEAN Political and Security Community (APSC), ADMM has shaped a framework for defense ministerial dialogues and consultation concerning strategy, defense, and security issues. It has also formed the foundation for boosting cooperation in reality among armed forces of countries in the region, serving as a forum for countries to share their positions and enhance mutual understanding in certain issues. The ADMM aims at helping member countries cooperate and cope effectively with emerging security challenges, maintain regional peace and stability via defense dialogues and cooperation, and build trust and consolidate solidarity.

After 13 editions, the ADMM has adopted and actively implemented many initiatives including the application of ASEAN military resources to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, ASEAN logistics support framework, ASEAN peacekeeping centers network, ASEAN defense industry cooperation, and more. The ADMM has contributed significantly to strengthening ASEAN intra-bloc solidarity, promoting the central role of ASEAN and cooperation in coping with security challenges, especially non-traditional security challenges. The forum has also demonstrated the internal strength and determination of ASEAN countries in promoting regional defense and security cooperation. A notable success of the ADMM is the building of an important legal basis for the formation of the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting Plus (ADMM+), helping ASEAN attract both internal and external resources to effectively solve common security challenges.

Seeing the important role of the ADMM in the regional security structure, Vietnam has proactively participated in the mechanism and made active contributions, helping maintain peace, stability and cooperation in the region, for an increasingly more prosperous ASEAN.

Translated by Huu Duong