These activities have contributed to enhancing mutual understanding among the participating personnel.

Officers and sailors from various countries doing yoga on the beach

Earlier that day, there were a large number of naval officers and sailors from the countries joining the walking event, including 10 officers and sailors from the Vietnamese naval delegation. The weather was cool and the group walked and talked happily. Suddenly, a foreign sailor walking right in front of the Vietnamese team slipped and fell down the slope, injuring his right knee.

Immediately, non-commissioned Senior Lieutenant Pham Tien Luc, a nurse from Naval Region 3, and also a medical officer of the Vietnamese naval delegation, checked the injured sailor’s wound and gave first aid to him. About 15 minutes later, the medical staff from the organizing panel was also present. Before leaving, the injured sailor and his delegation members expressed their sincere thanks to Luc. 

Non-commissioned Senior Lieutenant Pham Tien Luc (third from right) and naval officers and sailors during the walking event
Officers, sailors and members of the Vietnamese naval delegation in a sports competition

In all activities of Ship 20 at MILAN 2024 in Visakhapatnam city, there are always a military medical staff accompanying the naval delegation to provide health care for the officers and sailors. Luc always carried a medical bag with him. The bag included a lot of things, such as first-aid bandages, painkillers, and even heart drugs in emergency cases.

This unexpected situation was what nobody wanted. However, it left a good impression of the Vietnam People’s Army and Navy on participants at MILAN 2024.

Reported by Vu Manh Hung from Visakhapatnam, India

Translated by Quynh Oanh