Via these activities, defense cooperation among the three countries has been deepened considerably, contributing to boosting cooperation in other fields, and enhancing solidarity and friendship.

In reality, there are few neighboring countries in the world that have close, faithful ties like the three nations of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Throughout history, the close-knit relationship has been increasingly promoted and further strengthened since they established diplomatic relations, in which defense cooperation is considered the “bright spot” of foreign affairs among the three countries.

A Xan Border Post under the Quang Nam provincial Border Guard Command presents gifts to Border Company 534 under the Sekong provincial Military Command.

Accordingly, over the past years, the three countries’ border guards have actively organized many border external defense activities along the Vietnam - Laos and Vietnam - Cambodia shared borderlines. They also inked agreements and cooperation plans among the three defense ministries so as to well manage and protect the borderline and ensure security in border areas.

In addition, the forces disseminated information to mobilize border people to follow all border regulations, and worked together to protect borderlines and national landmarks and control illegal border crossings. Besides, the three forces also shared information and combated all activities of hostile forces aiming to sabotage the solidarity and friendship among Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

The patrol team of Tuy Duc Border Post under the Dak Nong provincial Border Guard Command coordinates with Company 1, Battalion 2, of the Mondulkiri provincial Military Sub-region (Cambodia) to conduct joint patrols.

Especially, exchange and twinning activities between border stations and posts were also boosted. At the same time, they effectively coordinated with each other in the fight against all kinds of crimes.

In 2023, the Vietnam Border Guard provided free health check-ups and medicines to nearly 3,200 people in the border areas of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; disseminated information about pandemic prevention and control to the border people; and took care of 75 Lao and 100 Cambodian students under the framework of the “Paving the way to school for children - Adopted children of border posts” program. These activities have made contribution to tightening solidarity among the countries, developing the economy, and stabilizing the local residents' life.

On the basis of the signed treaties, agreements, and cooperation agreements between Vietnam and the two countries, over the past time, the Vietnam Border Guard and functional units have held talks and negotiations with border protection forces of the two neighboring countries to address issues related to border areas and sovereignty.

It can be affirmed that the close coordination among the Vietnam Border Guard and border protection forces of Laos and Cambodia has contributed to firmly protecting national sovereignty and border security in each country. Especially, these activities have not only promoted solidarity between the border peoples, but also boosted socio-economic development, contributing to the stability and development of each country.

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Minh Anh