Major General Hoang Huu Chien (Photo: VNA)

In a recent interview, Major General Hoang Huu Chien emphasized that border diplomacy is seen as a measure to protect the Fatherland from afar and contributes firmly to safeguarding independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Fatherland, national interests, maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for national construction and development.

According to the official, border diplomacy is an important foreign relations channel for the border guard force to exchange information and situations with border protection forces of neighboring countries. Through border diplomacy, both sides understand one another and jointly manage and protect the shared borderline. 

Border diplomacy contributes to fostering, consolidating and developing the friendship and cooperation between the two sides of the border. It also makes important contribution to the external relations of the state, sectors and forces in border areas and to the building of a border of peace, friendship and development, he said.

Regarding the outstanding achievements in border diplomacy in recent years, General Chien informed that the Vietnamese border guard force has signed nearly 60 cooperation agreements with border protection forces of countries with the shared borderline to manage, protect the border, prevent cross-border crimes, conduct search and rescue activities, and control diseases.

Notably, via border diplomacy, many border-related cases have been solved, ensuring national interests and stability in border areas.

Muong Nhe Border Post of the Border Guard Command of Vietnamese province of Dien Bien and Company 117 under the Military Command of Lao province of Phongsaly in a joint patrol at Border Marker 21 (Photo: VNA)

So far, 18 border friendship exchanges have been held on different scales and forms, promoting the relationship between Vietnam and neighbors, and their local authorities and peoples as well.

The general also spoke highly of exercises to boost coordination among border protection forces, twinning activities between border posts and border villages of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and the support from the Vietnamese border guard force to Lao and Cambodian students facing difficulties in life.

He also stressed the coordination in COVID-19 prevention and control, including the provision of medical supplies to neighboring countries’ units, and the organization of young border officer exchanges and building of social welfare facilities for Lao and Cambodian people in the “Vietnam - Laos, Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Year 2022.”

About this year’s duties, the deputy commander of the Vietnam Border Guard Command said that the force will continue to carry out its key external activities along the borderline. These include the eighth Vietnam - China border defense friendship exchange, the second Vietnam - Laos, Vietnam - Cambodia border defense friendship exchanges, the fourth exchange among border protection forces of countries in the Sub-Mekong region, the exchange with the Chinese National Immigration Administration in Party and political work, among others.

These defense diplomacy activities will help confirm the important position and role of defense diplomacy in managing and protecting a border of peace, stability, cooperation and development, General Chien said.

Source: bienphong

Translated by Chung Anh