Viettel Peru provides the latest and most advanced technologies for local people.

According to Mr. Do Manh Hung, CEO of Viettel Global, the group’s branches have promptly provided IT solutions for the governments of ten countries thanks to the group’s effective enhancement of digitalization over the past year. Also, the group pledged to provide the latest and most advanced technologies for the people in the host countries to help them overcome the hard time.

In the first quarter of this year, the Viettel’s overseas investment completed all of the set business targets, Hung added. However, due to the complicated developments of the pandemic, the group has to adjust its growth targets in foreign investment, he shared.

Fortunately, Viettel’s contributions have been recognized by the host governments. In particular, the group’s branches have provided IT solutions for many countries such as a civil status management and registration system and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) and Core Banking system for the Lao government, e-paper management system for the Cambodian and Haiti governments, and so on.

Currently, all Viettel’s foreign markets have infected cases of COVID-19, particularly Peru (2,561 cases), Cameroon 658 (cases), Cambodia (115 cases), Haiti (24 cases), Tanzania (24 cases), Myanmar (22 cases), Laos (14 cases), Mozambique (10 cases), Burundi (3 cases), and Timor Leste (1 cases). However, none of Viettel’s staff working abroad were infected by the disease.

In Vietnam, the group provided technological solutions for teleconferences between the Ministry of Health and 22 major hospitals in provinces and cities while building up hundreds of live-broadcasting points. It also offered timely support to numerous ministries and sectors, including the Ministries of Education and Training, Information and Communications, and more to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Translated by Trung Thanh