In 2022 and in the first quarter of this year, Viettel was granted with additional 14 exclusive patents in the U.S., 1.5 times higher than that recognized in three previous years. With 23 patents, Viettel is a Vietnamese enterprise with the most U.S. exclusive patents, covering all three military, civil and telecommunications fields. 

In the military business, female employees participate in almost all scientific research activities.

According to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam, Viettel is one of Vietnam’s leading enterprises in patent registration with 505 patent applications and 94 granted patents.

With the goal of becoming a global technology group, Viettel has fostered innovation activities and scientific research so that "Make in Vietnam" and "Made by Viettel" products would be developed. Patented technical solutions have proved their practicality and high applicability in registered fields.

Among Viettel’s recognized patents, those by female personnel account for 20.5%. In the military business, female employees participate in almost all scientific research activities. 

Viettel’s 23 patents granted by USPTO are method of randomly distributing data in distributed multi-core processor systems in 2019; catadioptric system for mid-wave thermal imaging equipment in 2020; marine target detection in cluttered environments in 2020; spring-supported mechanism for parallel robots in 2020; dual-polarized wide-bandwidth antenna in 2021; hybrid coupler with sum and difference ports located on the same side in 2021; high magnification MWIR continuous zoom system in 2021; method of adjusting and controlling the receiver power adaption according to the transmission environment in enodeb lte system in 2021; weighted load balancing method on data access nodes in 2021; industrial composite manufacturing method in 2022; method of manufacturing high temperature resistant composite materials in 2022; two-axis direct drive mechanical mechanism in 2022; coaxial angular velocity sensor system in 2022; a pump separating gas from liquid in 2022; design of double inlets exhaust system for unmanned aerial vehicle in 2022; aerodynamic designing method of the central section of small size gas turbine engines in 2022; thermal imaging radar in 2022; method for automatic identification of flying targets by motion, time, and 3/A code information in 2022; automatic analysis and warning method of optical connection between BBU combination and RRU of radio station in 2022; wing deployment mechanism and design method using pneumatic technique in 2023; four-port microstrip ultra-wide-band coupler combined compensation circuits in 2023; polar coding system and parallel computation method for polar coding system in 2023; and method for reducing impact of flapping links on performance of network devices in 2023.

Translated by Chung Anh