During the first three months of training, students will have the opportunity to participate in online training programs and receive career guidance from leading experts from universities and large technology corporations, including Viettel, Google, Shopee, and the University of Texas in Austin. After completing the training, the top 100 students will be selected to participate in the development of major technology projects at Viettel's various units.

The students joins the opening ceremony of the 2023 Viettel Digital Talent Internship Program.

This year, Viettel also expanded the program to include students studying abroad, with the participation of nearly 40 international students learning in eight different countries, which are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Russia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China. In addition, 45 percent of the candidates for this year's program are students who have won national and international awards.

Most outstanding students will receive scholarships and awards of up to VND 65 million while having opportunities to become official employees of Viettel and work in 11 markets where Viettel has invested.

Viettel has announced that its philosophy for 2023 is "Technology with heart." The company wants to inspire future students to become part of a business that puts people at the center of everything it does. Viettel aims to develop not only in terms of revenue and profits, but also in terms of its responsibility to humanity.

Last year, Viettel's Digital Talent Program attracted nearly 1,000 third and fourth-year students across the country, focusing on five areas: Cloud, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, IoT, and Marketing. During the six-month program, students received training from more than 50 leading experts in cloud computing, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

Translated by Trung Thanh