The corporation also sets a target of its consolidated after-tax profit reaching VND 376 billion, up nearly 47%.

Viettel Post is promoting the application of new technologies to reducing cost.

Last year, while other logistics enterprises still facing difficulties and challenges after three years under the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Viettel Post exerted all-out efforts to gain certain successes and effectively operated based on high technology.

In particular, with efforts in research and application of technology to improve operation flow, Viettel Post's delivery market share increased to third position in the industry; its delivery revenue grew by 9.3%, and its total asset value was up 5.55%.

Notably, its total consolidated revenue reached over VND 21.7 trillion, achieving 84.53% of the set plan, equivalent to that in 2021, a growth rate of 0.87%. Also in 2022, the corporation’s consolidated pre-tax profit was VND 323.42 billion, completing 51.91% of the set plan.

Also at the recent annual general meeting of shareholders of Viettel Post, the company unveiled its plan of paying a total dividend of 19.11% with 11.5% in cash and 7.61% in stock. The issuance of shares to pay dividends is expected to take place this year after the State Securities Commission’s approval.

This year, it will speed up digital transformation, improve customers’ experiences, concentrate on big partners and services with high profits such as e-commerce floors, B2B customers, fast delivery, expand 3PL logistics services for big enterprises, and build up Viettel Post’s trademark with new appearance “Modernity, Professionalism, and Trust.”

Translated by Chung Anh