With this recognition, Viettel become the first and only enterprise in Vietnam to attain this highest level of certification.

Viettel becomes the first firm in Vietnam to receive ISO 30107-3 for FaceID.

Developed by Viettel Artificial Intelligence and Data Service Center (Viettel AI), the biometric system underwent testing and certification by Tayllorcox, one of the world’s ISO grant certification organizations. It has been evaluated to exhibit absolute accuracy in distinguishing between genuine user faces and various forms of 2D and 3D forgeries, ensuring robust protection against facial biometric spoofing.

At level 1, biometric systems can detect basic cases of fraud involving 2D methods like indirect face captures from screens, faces printed on paper, or faces on cards. In contrast, level 2 biometric systems like Viettel eKYC are equipped to identify more sophisticated 3D fraud attempts, such as silicon masks, faces generated by advanced scanners and deepfake videos. These systems are designed to handle complex biometric fraud scenarios effectively.

Viettel eKYC underwent approximately 3,000 tests involving simulated 2D and 3D facial reconstructions to assess its performance. According to Tayllorcox's tests, Viettel eKYC achieved a flawless error rate of zero per cent, surpassing the standard allowance of one per cent errors, with no instances of rejecting legitimate users.

Director of Viettel AI Nguyen Manh Quy said, “Viettel is dedicated to advancing AI technologies to provide businesses and individuals with cutting-edge solutions, particularly in authentication and electronic customer identification services crucial for numerous digital applications.”

Viettel is the official partner of the Ministry of Public Security to offer chip-integrated citizen identity card authentication services. Viettel eKYC interfaces directly with the national citizen identity card database during electronic identification and authentication processes, swiftly detecting and preventing biometric fraud within seconds and with high accuracy.

Viettel's eKYC facilitates operations, such as opening accounts, issuing cards, assessing loans for multiple banks and managing fraud and credit risks. (Photo courtesy of Viettel)

Viettel eKYC is used across various functions, including issuing digital signatures, signing electronic contracts, and enhancing facial security measures. It facilitates operations such as opening accounts, issuing cards, assessing loans for multiple banks, and managing fraud and credit risks. Moreover, it supports customer identification and authentication in sectors like insurance and telecommunications. Since 2020, Viettel eKYC has been integrated into numerous business systems, significantly reducing paperwork by over 80 per cent and saving up to 70% of processing time.

Additionally, Viettel eKYC serves as the biometric authentication backbone for the Viettel Money application, ensuring secure financial transactions for more than 25 million customers.

Source: PAN/VNA

Translated by Chung Anh