The COVID-19 outbreak that occured in Hai Duong province has forced local farmers to discard their agricutural products and caused  difficulties for their livelihood.

Nguyen Tien Thanh, Deputy Chairman of Pham Tran commune in Gia Loc district, held that dozens of thousands of tonnes of vegetables could not be sold due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many appeals were made these days to save the agricultural produce but not all agricultural produce was transported out of Hai Duong.

A farmer guided to register for Voso account

In that situation, Viettel Post decided to give a hand to Hai Duong farmers. The company help local farmers sell their agricultural products on its e-commerce floor called Vo So ( This is the first time Hai Duong farmers have sold their agricultural products on the e-commerce floor.

Leaders of Viettel Post said that the agricultural products transported from Hai Duong to Hanoi to be sold along streets are normally harvested for a long time, thus their quality is more or less downgraded. Meanwhile, if they are sold on the e-commerce floor, consumers can buy cheap goods in good quality.

According to the company’s project, after farmers list their products on the Voso e-commerce floor, Viettel Post will receive all orders from customers, then transport agricultural products from the province, and deliver them to the consumers.

Also, Viettel Post will send staff to the province to instruct locals to use the e-commercial site, create online stalls and put their products on Vo So.

The company also sets times for its delivery services. Accordingly, goods for orders within 100 km will be delivered to the customers in four hours’ time starting from the time when the products are harvested. For orders from a longer distance, the goods will reach the customers in six hours’ time. Viettel Post pledges that if the products are of low quality and longer shipping time without acceptable reasons, the company will compensate 10 times the value of the goods.

According to Viettel Post’s General Director Tran Trung Hung, the application of the digital solutions will benefit both local farmers and consumers.

Bringing agricultural products to the e-commerce floor will help not only deal with  the urgent issue during  the pandemic but also foster sustainable agricultural development in the long term.

With technological solutions, Viettel Post hopes to help monitor agricultural product quality, protecting and improving the value of Vietnamese agricultural produce amidst the complicated developments in the pandemic.

Translated by Trung Thanh