At the ceremony

The event marked a new development of Viettel Post in shifting from a post and delivery corporation to a logistics one, in an effort to become a leading technology-based logistics enterprise in Vietnam by 2025.

Addressing the event, Director of Viettel Post Tran Trung Hung informed that in Vietnam, foreign logistics enterprises are currently controlling 80% of the market share. He suggested that domestic logistics companies should invest more in modern technology so as to enhance its competitiveness at home and in the international arena.

He stressed, the establishment of the most modern logistics center of Viettel Post in the South of the country aims not only to expand Viettel Post’s business in the South but also to contribute to building national logistics infrastructure a good foundation for the development of a national digital economy.

The center provides various services, including putting goods in the warehouse, storage, order processing, labelling, and shipping. Many stages of the working process at the center are performed automatically with the use of AGV robots. So what Viettel Post’s clients, particularly e- salesmen, will only have to do is to seek orders for their products. After they get contracts, Viettel Post will be responsible for delivering the products from the seller to the buyer.

The center has also applied modern technology suitable for the domestic market, contributing to optimizing 91% of human resources and providing automatic order completion solutions for customers.

Translated by Khanh Ngan