The business's emulation movements, developed based on the group’s motto, the unit’s actual situation and mission, and individuals’ capabilities, have motivated its personnel to make more contribution and embark on new difficult areas.

Viettel Hanoi introduces its outstanding products.

According to Viettel Hanoi’s Director, Non-commissioned Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Anh, the unit’s leaders regularly visit its agencies and units to grasp employees' difficulties, thus coming up with timely support measures. Based on findings, the business develops suitable plans and movements, contributing raising the effectiveness of production and business, fostering infrastructure development, building a cultural working environment, and promoting unity among forces.

According to reports delivered at the congress to review its “Determined to Win” movement in the 2019-2024 period, Viettel Hanoi has over the past five years launched and effectively implemented regular emulation movements, 23 emulation movements in celebration of important events, and hundreds of production stimulation programs.

Viettel Hanoi is the first and only unit among Viettel’s branches in 63 provinces/cities to be awarded the third-class Labor Order and achieve service revenue of more than VND 10 trillion.

In the 2024-2029 period, the business determines to continue to raise the quality of the emulation and commendation work and “Determined-to-win” emulation movement; build healthy and strong Party Committee and comprehensively strong unit. It will focus on achieving the goal of 100% smartphone penetration in the capital city. It also targets to ensure high-speed internet access for every household and maintain its No.1 position in telecoms services, information technology solution, and digital services in Hanoi.

At the congress, various measures to achieve set goals were proposed. Delegates agreed that in the coming time Viettel Hanoi should promote education and dissemination to raise its employees’ awareness of the emulation and commendation work and “Determined-to-win” emulation movement, thus igniting their activeness and self-consciousness in carrying the movements.

In addition, delegates emphasized the need to regular inspect and review the outcomes of the emulation and commendation work to discover new exemplary employees and find good initiatives and experience. 

Translated by Tran Hoai