According to the official announcement of the organizing panel of the world's largest information technology award - IT World Awards 2024, Viettel is the enterprise with the most technology products winning first prizes. This year, 20 products of Viettel have been honored with four gold, 12 silver, and four bronze medals. Viettel's total number of prizes is nearly 1.5 times higher than the second-ranked company, U.S. eBay, with 13 prizes.

Viettel's products have been honored with 4 gold, 12 silver, and four bronze medals at IT World Awards 2024.

The four products receiving gold medals were the national high school graduation exam system and digital citizenship application, Viettel Cloud ecosystem and Viettel eKYC electronic identification service.

Other Viettel products have been voted and awarded by the organizing panel in many fields, such as cyber security, logistics, artificial intelligence (AI), telecommunications, and entertainment.

At IT World Awards 2024, more than 2,000 experts worldwide selected winners in various categories, highlighting advances and solutions in the technology sector.

IT World Awards is a prestigious award organized annually by the Network Product Guide (Silicon Valley, U.S.) since 2006 to honor the outstanding achievements and contribution of the IT industry around the world. The award sees the participation of large technology corporations such as IBM, Samsung, Ultimate Software Dell, Cisco, to name but a few.

Translated by Quynh Oanh