This significant achievement was the result of the collaboration between Viettel and Qualcomm Technologies, accomplished within just 8 months from the initial reveal at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in March to the successful deployment phase.

The installation site for this 5G gNodeB is located within a network cluster established by Viettel in 2021 in Hanoi's Hai Ba Trung district, Vietnam. This area mirrors the 5G deployment model in urban settings, with a dense population and proximity to university campuses, hosting a high concentration of subscribers ranging between 300-400 in a cell. Deploying in this high-traffic zone expedited product optimization allows Viettel to swiftly enhance the products to meet the stringent requirements for their networks.

Viettel successfully deploys the first 5G station using Qualcomm's ASICs.

Capitalizing on their role as both a telecommunications network operator and a 5G ecosystem research entity, Viettel swiftly mastered the production of 5G stations applying ASIC technology. Leveraging a live network environment characterized by dense user bases and substantial data loads, Viettel and Qualcomm Technologies' engineering teams continuously refined the product. This led to the successful end-to-end integration of the 32T32R 5G gNodeB, achieving downlink throughput of 850Mbps in real-network scenarios. This performance closely aligns with equivalent products offered by leading global vendors, as measured in this deployment validation.

Viettel's 5G equipment adheres to Open RAN standards and boasts cross-integration capabilities with elements from different network providers. This solution will aid network operators in deploying high-speed, wide-coverage, low-latency 5G networks while maintaining reasonable investment and operational costs. Following the successful deployment in Vietnam, Viettel intends to introduce these products across its eleven international markets and extend to other global operators.

Gerardo Giaretta, Vice President of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., expressed, "This is a pivotal moment for 5G Open RAN and Qualcomm 5G RAN platforms, driving modern networks characterized by architectural flexibility, power efficiency, and uncompromised performance. We are immensely proud to share this industry breakthrough with Viettel, an outstanding collaborator in unlocking the full potential of Open RAN."

Nguyen Vu Ha, CEO of Viettel High Tech, commented, "Establishing a robust 5G infrastructure presents challenges for network operators and equipment manufacturers. Balancing factors such as high capacity, low latency, and reasonable costs is increasingly demanding. To bolster competitiveness and position Viettel as a global leader, we must consistently enhance our products, focusing on key aspects: high performance, Open RAN compliance, low power consumption, virtualization, and cloud-native design. The collaboration between Viettel and Qualcomm Technologies aims to address these crucial aspects, enabling our products to meet the requirements for widespread commercialization in Vietnam and global markets."

Translated by Trung Thanh