Through three thematic and one plenary sessions, speakers emphasized the need to acknowledge demands and connect the strengths of enterprises, organizations, and people in the digital era to unlock digital potential. In the fourth Industrial Revolution, these are key to creating new opportunities.

At the seminar, speakers, experts, and businesses also exchanged views on future data trends and the impacts of digital data on the development strategies of businesses. Their comments were expected to help make breakthroughs in the data field.

Viettel’s Chairman and General Director Tao Duc Thang addresses the seminar.

In his speech, Viettel’s Chairman and General Director Tao Duc Thang emphasized his hope that during the discussion of topics, including digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence, Big Date, application of smart hospital model, and unlocking of digital potential, domestic and regional veteran experts, including those from BigTech enterprises in the world and from successfully digitized businesses, would share their visions, strategies, trends on developing and applying advanced technologies, and experience.

He believed that delegates would gain experience, get more useful information, and support each other in the challenging but attractive digital transformation journey.

An overview of the seminar

He emphasized that Viettel, which has studied, mastered, and developed a number of core technologies, and offered the best platforms, technologies, and solutions, is willing to accompany all organizations and enterprises in finding and unlocking their digital potential so as to bring about both true values to organizations and enterprises and significant values to society.

In the framework of the seminar, participants had chances to experience digital solution ecosystem and other Viettel and its partners’ products under the guidance of Vi An, the first virtual ambassador of Vietnam developed by Viettel.

Translated by Mai Huong