Rear Admiral Shamsuddin Bin HJ Ludin, Commander of the Western Fleet of the Royal Malaysian Navy and his entourage exchange at Viettel’s booth.

The Malaysian official said that he visited a number of large defense expos in the world; however, it was his first stop at a Vietnamese booth in Thailand.

After hearing introductions about Viettel’s exhibited products, he expressed his delight at the incredible technological development of Vietnam and its capability to provide its technologies for other countries in the region.

Rear Admiral Shamsuddin Bin HJ Ludin was impressed with Viettel’s diverse products, particularly radars, and communication and optoelectronic equipment.

Thai Air Marshal KidKuan Sadub visits Viettel’s booth.

“I think Viettel and Malaysia could coordinate and think about exporting defense technological products. I want to invite Viettel to attend Malaysia-hosted defense event and I believe that what you bring to the event will surprise everyone,” said the Malaysian rear admiral.

The same day, head of the organizer of the Defense & Security 2023, Permanent Secretary for Defense under the Thai Ministry of Defense General Sanitchanog Sangkachantra visited Viettel’s booth.

Head of the organizing panel of the expo and Permanent Secretary for Defense of the Thai Ministry of Defense Gen. Sanitchanog Sangkachantra is impressed with Viettel’s first participation in the event.

Thai Air Marshal KidKuan Sadub from the Thai Royal Air Force also visited the booth, during which he was introduced to the details of some Viettel’s products and expressed his admiration for the group’s mastery of them.

Translated by Mai Huong