Pro-active in choosing hard works

From being put in a passive position, Viettel has pro-actively chosen difficult tasks. After two years of doing business, in 2006, Viettel chose another difficult task: Investing abroad. Many thought it a risky step because Viettel did not have a strong foothold even at home. Many raised questions that why Viettel invested abroad while the Vietnamese market with more than 84 million people and low telecommunications penetration rate was attractive to any investor. In addition, how Viettel invested in Cambodia and Laos when money invested in network building at home was still being paid late. Moreover, how Viettel's personnel who were newcomers in doing business and were learning how to build packages, care for and serve customers could work in a foreign market which was different in language, culture and legality.

Viettel engineers do research to develop new devices for 5G network.

But Viettel did well. It even made miracles in its overseas markets thanks to its troops’ spirit, discipline and determination. Viettel has expanded its markets to Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Mozambique, Timor Leste, Burundi, Tanzania, Peru and lately Myanmar and competed with top competitors in the world telecommunications markets there.

Fifteen years since the opening of its first overseas market, Viettel has become a professional international investor, ranking first in seven out of its 10 overseas markets. In 2023, its revenue from overseas investment activities reached more than USD 3 billion. It has maintained a high growth rate for seven consecutive years, five times higher than the industry average in the world, and yearly remitted home USD 500 million.

Viettel's success is not only demonstrated by economic efficiency but also the sentiments of friends all over world for the Vietnamese enterprise, the country and the people with a responsible and humane way of doing business.

Difficult work is Viettel's driving force

Having succeeded in telecommunications, Viettel decided to transform into a digital service provider and focus on developing technology platforms and products.

Viettel chose its own path and difficult work of investing in infrastructure, leasing services and serving the needs of each customer. As a large economic corporation, Viettel sees its responsibility in pioneering and taking the lead in building national digital platforms.

To realize the aspiration of creating a digital society in Vietnam, the group has concentrated on digital infrastructure, digital finance, digital solutions, digital contents, cybersecurity and research of hi-tech industrial production.

It has built a digital infrastructure platform with tens of thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cable, enough to wrap nine times around the earth. After only two years of launch, Viettel Money has had more than 24 million users, accounting for 32% of the e-wallet market share and 60% of the mobile money market share. Its 360 TV platform, after two years of launch, was placed first in digital TV apps in Vietnam. A series of digital platforms and solutions for government, education, healthcare, transportation, and businesses have been put into operation. Additionally, its elite cyber security force has created a strong shield to protect safety in digital space.

From only producing military signal equipment, Viettel has developed other military assets and equipment, such as radars and drones. These initial encouraging results have inspired Viettel to produce high-tech strategic weapons to protect the country's peace.

Since it first touch in research and production of military weapons in 2007, Viettel has had more than 50 product categories in 10 weapon sectors, hi-tech technical equipment according to the most modern combat models in the world, meeting the needs and combat conditions of the Vietnam People's Army. Some have more advanced and modern techno-tactical features than similar products in the world.

Notably, the telecoms giant shocked the world when it introduced its homegrown 5G chipset at the Mobile World Congress (MWG), the world's largest telecommunications exhibition. Viettel has also made Vietnam one of the first six countries in the world to master 5G technology.

Looking back on the past journey, every 10 years, Viettel has transformed itself in both quality and quantity and the transformation has come from the fact that it has dared to take on tasks that seemed to be hard to achieve.

To further develop, Viettel will continue to have new aspirations, take on new and more challenging tasks, and surpass its limits. Thinking big, setting high goals, taking national responsibility with a global mindset are the path Viettel chooses with both heart and mind.

(to be continued)

Translated by Mai Huong