Naval Region 5's activities helping fishermen embrace the Party's guidelines and State's policies

Last year, the dissemination of information about seas and islands was conducted effectively, contributing to raising people’s awareness of and responsibility for seas and island protection, maintaining political security and public order, and strengthening a firm whole people’s defense and security disposition at sea. 

Accordingly, the Naval Region 5 Command and the provincial Commissions for Information and Education held 25 meetings to popularize seas-and islands-related information to Party members, members of women’s unions, youths, and students in the provinces. They also coordinated with central and local press and media agencies to promote information dissemination on media platforms while sending missions and delivering leaflets to help fishermen in Ken Giang and Ca Mau provinces embrace the Party’s guidelines and state’s policies on fishing at sea.

In 2020, the units plan to foster dissemination on seas and islands through different channels and activities while accelerating the implementation of mass mobilization activities, gratitude deeds, new-style rural area building, and hunger elimination and poverty reduction. They will also work together to achieve all targets of the navy’s program to support fishermen, conduct search and rescue, and protect and help fishermen improve their living standards. These activities aim to embellish the image of naval troops in the new period. 

On the occasion, the Naval Region 5 Command and the An Giang, Kien Giang, and Ca Mau provincial Commissions for Information and Education signed a coordination agreement in dissemination of seas-and islands-related information in 2020.

Translated by Chung Anh