Delegates press the button to start the test run of the website.

Tasked by the Steering Board, the PAN’s Party Committee and Editorial Board promptly designed the website and prepared basic contents and data for the website. The website vibiendaovietnam.vn provides readers with up-to-date contents of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies on the development of Vietnam’s seas and islands, information about the fund-raising and fund-use activities, and lists of benefactors.

The website with diverse information related to the potential, position and significance of Vietnam’s seas and islands is expected to help raise the public’s awareness of and responsibility for safeguarding national sovereignty over the country’s seas and islands.

During the test run, delegates congratulated and voiced their support and constructive opinions to improve the website’s efficiency and quality.

Major General Pham Van Huan, the PAN's Editor-in-Chief, addresses the event.

Major General Pham Van Huan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Editor-in-Chief of the PAN thanked relevant departments for their assistance to the PAN during the preparation for the test run of this website. General Huan hoped to receive more constructive ideas to complete the website.

General Phuong hailed the PAN for its all-out efforts to promptly build and test the operation of the website. He emphasized that the debut of the website will contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of the information dissemination work on the country’s seas and islands. He requested the PAN to pay due attention to the website’s contents while avoiding any mistakes and ensuring information security.

Translated by Mai Huong