It was part of a program “Beloved Vietnam” including over 20 activities introducing the land, culture and people of Vietnam, co-organized by the Vietnamese Students’ Association in Nantes (AEVN) and the Vietnam-Loire Atlantique Friendship Association (AVLA) from February 1 to 18.

Vietnamese ethnic groups’ dresses on display at the event

Ms. Quy Gourmelin, AVLA Chairwoman held that the outfits and costumes on display are in a collection of Mr. Alain Dussarps, who is the Chairman of the French Technology and Culture Cooperation Association (ACOTEC).

To highlight the function and beauty of the garments, visitors were asked to join an interesting game, whereby the organizers numbered all exhibits, while providing the participants with photos of small typical patterns on the displayed items; then, they were charged with matching the patterns to each dress.

Additionally, the visitors could enjoy black-and-white photos of Vietnam over the past times taken by French photographer Sebastien Laval who spent a lot of time capturing the daily activities of Vietnamese people in different regions and these images lovingly re-create these scenes.

Source: VNA

Translated by Van Hieu