The patient suffered from multiple stab wounds in his chest and belly, and his health was in a critical condition.

Doctor Le Thanh Mon (the second man from the left) and the surgical team performing the surgery

Major Le Thanh Mon, doctor of Military Hospital 120 (Military Region 9), a visiting doctor at the Tho Chu Military Medical Infirmary, directly examined and reported the situation to the Military Region 9 Medical Department, Military Hospital 175 and Military Hospital 121. At 9 pm, he led a surgical team to conduct the three-and-half hour operation with professional consultation from the mainland via a telemedicine system. The patient is now recovering.

Medical workers at the Tho Chu Medical Infirmary has successfully saved lives of many local fishermen with injuries and diseases over the past years, thus encouraging them to go fishing at sea, and together with islanders and soldiers, firmly safeguard the Fatherland’s sacred waters and islands.

Translated by Duong Thu