Lieutenant Colonel Vo Van Sao returning the lost wallet to its owner

Later in the evening, Sao and his wife tried to use Facebook with the hope to find information about the wallet’s owner. Among hundreds of users with the name Le Nguyen Giap, they found one that has the avatar resembling photos alike the person on personal papers in the wallet, and has the same address in Quang Chau commune, Quy Hop district, Nghe An province.

Immediately, they took a photo of the ID in this wallet and posted it on their Facebook walls so as to find the owner at the soonest time and at the same time asked friends living in Quy Hop district to verify the information about the found person.

Based on the given information, they found out and contacted the owner and on March 6 Sao returned the wallet to its owner Le Nguyen Giap, who is a firefighter at the Nghe An provincial Fire Fighting Police Department.

Sao modestly shared that returning lost property to owners is a normal deed that every person will do.

Translated by Lam Anh