Addressing the opening ceremony, Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh, Deputy Defense Minister and head of the steering board of the seminar, stressed that the event is a practical activity in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea. It provides an opportunity for the whole Party, the whole people, and the whole military to recall heroic traditions of the forefathers and pay tribute to people and troops sacrificing on the legendary route.

At the seminar

He underlined that the contents of the seminar will contribute to promoting patriotism, national pride, solidarity and determination to overcome hardships such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it helps us understand the historical meaning and practical lessons learnt from for the fatherland’s construction and development cause, especially in safeguarding the national maritime sovereignty.

The organizing panel received nearly 90 presentations from leaders and former leaders of the Party, State, Ministry of National Defense, central and local sectors, military units, historical witnesses and scientists, to name but a few. The presentations defined the strategic viewpoint and timely decisions of the Communist Party of Vietnam headed by President Ho Chi Minh.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh speaks at the seminar.

The presentations also reaffirmed that the Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea is a great feat-of-arms, an epic about Vietnamese creativeness and mind in the Ho Chi Minh era. In 15 years (1961-1975), troops of no-number ships overcame hardships to transport weapons and equipment to the Southern battlefield.

At the seminar, many discussions analyzed and clarified that the Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea was one of the glorious feats-of-arms of the Vietnam People’s Army and the Vietnamese people in the resistance war against U.S. invaders. Also, the trail proved the unique and distinctive features of the Vietnamese military arts.

From the historical milestone of the Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea, many valuable lessons have been drawn to apply to the development of the Vietnam People's Navy in particular and the development of the Vietnam People’s Army in general, contributing to meeting all task requirements in the current context.

Translated by Trung Thanh