The team found the bones and belongings of the martyr, namely shoe heels, five nails, and ten buttons. They were all wrapped in a canvas sheet. 

Reported on the information about the burial place, a mission of Military Region 4, led by its Political Chief Major General Trinh Van Hung, came to the site and directed the collection.

The Thanh Hoa provincial Military Command’s team in charge of searching and collecting remains of fallen soldiers repatriates a set of remains of martyr in Nakhay hamlet, Viengxay district, Houaphanh province, Laos.

In the 2022-2023 dry season, the survey, search, and collection of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and advisors, who laid down their lives in Houaphanh province, has met a lot of difficulties, including harsh weather conditions. In addition, since the search and collection team is mainly working in the areas where the number of post-war unexploded ordnance items is high, they face the risk of injury or harm to health.

So far, the team has searched and collected 14 sets of remains of martyrs, meeting 93,3% of the set plan.

Together with the search and collection, the unit has well conducted mass mobilization activities, such as presenting clothes to remote and poor localities of Laos and providing free health examination and medicines for locals.

The team’s work has received care and support of the Party Committee, authorities, and people of Houaphanh province. Most remains of the martyrs were collected in the dry season thanks to information provided by local people.

On the occasion, the working delegation inspected documents and accommodation of the team’s members and its preservation of collected remains of martyrs. 

Translated by Song Anh