Over 400 officers, instructors, staff, cadets, and soldiers from the MR's Military School participated in the event. The organizers collected more than 350 blood units. These will be added to the blood bank of Military Hospital 175.

Numerous cadets of the military school join the event.

Participating in the event, Lieutenant Nguyen Xuan Tuan from Battalion 4 of MR7's Military School shared that the voluntary blood donation movement has been implemented widely and serves as an opportunity for school members to demonstrate solidarity with the community.

According to Colonel Bui Dinh Thanh, Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Commissar of MR7's Military School, in recent years, the school has closely collaborated with Military Hospital 175 to effectively educate and raise awareness among officers, instructors, staff, cadets, and soldiers of the humanitarian meaning of voluntary blood donation. These practical and meaningful activities affirm the school's role and responsibility towards the community.

A cadet donates his blood

So far, the Military School of MR7 has organized 25 voluntary blood donation events, collecting a total of nearly 10,100 blood units.

Translated by Trung Thanh