At 6:00 on August 13, the flood water on Krong Ana River rose and ran fast, breaking the dike section protecting the rice fields of Quang Dien and Binh Hoa communes. Water flew through the 5m broken dike into the fields, possibly inundating more than 2,000 ha of rice.

After the incident, the district’s Steering Committee on Flood Prevention and Search and Rescue mobilized joint forces to create a shield in front of the broken dike section to stop the leak and later use sandbags and rocks to reinforce the section.

The over 5m broken dike section
Over 500 people in Krong Ana district are mobilized for rescue missions
Troops trying their best to protect the dike

At the scene, Bui Van Cuong, Secretary of the Dak Lak provincial Party Committee, asked participating forces to repair the broken dike section and to harvest rice crops to minimize losses.

He also hailed forces for their prompt rescue mission and asked local authorities to arrange standby forces to key dike sections and other structures to find and deal with other arising incidents.

As of the afternoon of August 13, the joint forces successfully stopped leaking water from flowing into local rice fields and started repairing the broken dike section.

Translated by Chung Anh