Phuoc My in the past

Border Checkpoint A8 of the Phuoc Chi Border Post is located in Phuoc My hamlet, near the Vietnam - Cambodia shared borderline.

30 years ago, the hamlet was considered an oasis because there was only one way to reach the hamlet: by canoes or boats. The local residents were mainly farmers, but the soil is heavily contaminated with alum, so the productivity was very low, resulting in many difficulties in their lives. Meanwhile, a school was built, but no teachers could stay here long, and hardly any students went to school at that time.

A corner of Phuoc My hamlet

In 1996, a literacy class was opened in Phuoc My hamlet by border troops from the Phuoc Chi Border Post. They considered it their joy as students were able to go to school and continue their study.

The "border guard" teachers not only taught them how to read and do calculations but also raised their patriotism as well as the responsibility of a border citizen in coordinating with border troops to safeguard the national sovereignty over border areas.

With the considerable efforts of both teachers and students, many of them finished primary and secondary schools, and higher levels and then went to work far from home.

When he arrived in Phuoc Chi 30 years ago, non-commissioned Major Le Thang Long was just 19 years old. "The locals’ life is now better than before, but still facing difficulties. In 2022’s Mid-Autumn Festival, I called on sponsors to donate to present more than 100 gifts and organize a ceremony for children here. After about 30 years living here, I became part of the hamlet and always try my best to bring the best things to the locals," said comrade Long.

Firmly protecting national sovereignty over border areas

Non-commissioned Major Le Thang Long and his student Nguyen Van Cuong

Phuoc My hamlet has 2.2km of border, including three main landmarks, eight secondary landmarks, and seven markers, which are managed and protected by border troops. Located near the shared borderline, with a road through My Quy Tay commune (Duc Hue district, Long An province), Phuoc My hamlet faces the risk of all types of crimes. However, in fact, this is a "bright spot" in ensuring political security, social order, and safety in Tay Ninh province’s border area.

The joint efforts of local people and border troops stationed here have contributed to building a firm all people’s border defense and people’s security posture. For example, at 8:00 a.m. on May 7, 2023, after receiving information from local residents, Phuoc Chi Border Post sent troops to Border Landmark No.179 in Phuoc My hamlet and arrested Truong Le Trong Duc (1994, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province) for his illegal border crossings.

Non-commissioned Major Le Thang Long organizing Mid-Autumn Festival for the local students

Besides, nearly 100 households in Phuoc My hamlet were granted land with an area of 10x40m along the border patrol road. They built houses in the areas, contributing to beautifying Phuoc My hamlet. According to Comrade Long, the people’s life has been improved, so they have actively joined hands with the border troops to protect the national border's sovereignty and security.

For example, veteran Ba Luong, a local man who was born and grew up in Phuoc My hamlet, has actively participated in the crime prevention and control movement. He has detected several cases of law violations and informed the border troops.

Translated by Minh Anh