Having been briefed on the village’s task performance, General Can highly appreciated its achievements in taking good care of policy beneficiaries and their children over the past time. He affirmed that the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense will join relevant agencies’ efforts in implementing policies for national contributors and Agent Orange victims, which demonstrates the “When drinking water, remember its sources” tradition and gratitude spirit of the Vietnamese people. 

Lieutenant General Do Can presenting medical equipment to the Vietnam Friendship Village

He urged the unit to promote its recorded results and use the medical equipment effectively, contributing to raising the quality of healthcare for Agent Orange victims. The Vietnam Friendship Village was also requested to equip disabled children with essential skills to integrate into the community and contribute to the development of the nation.

On the occasion, the delegation presented a 4D ultrasound machine, an acupuncture machine, a digital therapy machine, and a running machine to the village in order to improve healthcare and cultural lives of wounded and sick soldiers, war veterans, and former volunteer soldiers who were exposed to Agent Orange/dioxin and their children.

Founded in 1998, the village is now tasked to nurture around 200 war veterans and former volunteer soldiers exposed to agent orange/dioxin and children with disability.

Translated by Tran Hoai