Accordingly, many needy children in the province are being taken care of by the border troops.

Two of the adopted children are Vang Lo Hu from Xa Ho village and Giang Ca Hu from Mo Chi village, Pa U commune, Muong Te district.

Vang Lo Hu and Giang Ca Hu on the way to school

“When we started living with our adoptive fathers at the Pa U Border Post under the Lai Chau provincial Border Guard, we found everything different from those at home. We cried because of homesickness. However, now we have got used to that. In our free time, we help our adoptive fathers do many things. We are determined to become good citizens,” said Vang Ho Lu.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Do Van Dam, Commander of the Pa U Border Guard Post, Vang Lo Hu has a very difficult situation. Her parents died early, Hu lived with his grandfather – one of the poorest households in Xa Ho village. Therefore, at the end of 2020, he made recommendations to the higher levels to take care of the needy child.

Regarding Giang Ca Hu story, his parents are still alive but his family has too many children. In March 2021, the officers and soldiers of Pa U Border Post took Giang Ca Hu for adoption.

Major Ngo Van Phuong, Political Officer of the Pa U Border Post looked back upon the memories and held that during their first days in the unit, the two children were timid and hardly communicated with other people. However, thanks to the close care of the border troops, they gradually got on with the new environment and also actively assisted the border troops in various fields.

Almost all of the adopted children experienced severe difficulties. Now that they adopted by border posts, they feel more confident and are determined to overcome difficulties in their lives.

According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Hung, Political Commissar of the Lai Chau provincial Border Guard Command, in the implementation of the program “Adopted children of border posts,” the unit has realized instructions and plans of the program in line with the reality in the localities. They have also worked closely with families, schools and local authorities to grasp the situations of the adopted children.

Since 2014, the Lai Chau provincial Border Guard Command has taken care of 95 students, thanks to the great efforts of the whole unit and sponsors, with a total financial assistance of more than VND 1.6 billion. So far, six students have graduated from high school. The model has lightened up dreams for many needy students in border areas, helping them become good citizens in the society.

Translated by Minh Anh