Over the past years, local authorities in maritime border areas in Nam Dinh have defined that law dissemination and education work plays an important role in raising local people’s awareness and responsibilities of protecting and managing national sovereignty over sea and islands as well as promoting the locality’s development, contributing to encouraging the locals to strictly observe the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws.

Quat Lam Border Post's troops disseminating law to fishermen in Giao Hai commune 

Fisherman Bui Xuan Truong from Giao Long commune, Giao Thuy district shared that every month, the local authorities and Quat Lam Border Post co-hold law dissemination activities for local people. Thanks to these activities, local fishermen thoroughly embrace the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws and effectively apply them to reality.

As reported, Quat Lam Border Post is in charge of managing a 14-km sea route, four communes and one townlet. Over the past time, the unit has closely worked with local authorities to strictly implement law dissemination and education work among troops and local people.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Dang Thanh Binh, Political Commissar of Quat Lam Border Post, most ships and boats strictly comply with regulations on fishing activities. For cases of violations, the unit cooperates with the provincial fisheries sub-department to encourage ship owners to end illegal fishing activities. Meanwhile, the unit’s troops regularly organize law dissemination activities and distribute leaflets in villages and communes, to name but a few.

For Ngoc Lam Border Post, the unit has proactively collaborated with local authorities to build a model of safe and advanced residential areas to encourage local people and religious followers to sign commitment documents to maintain security and order in the locality.

Lieutenant Colonel Trinh Van Phu, Political Commissar of Ngoc Lam Border Post, said that together with performing border guard work, the unit has paid close attention to the task of law dissemination and education. Border guards serve as the bridge for people to access the Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws and policies, he underlined.

Translated by Quynh Oanh