It is clear to see that the troops’ imprints have remained in each house and village, contributing to tightening the military-civilian ties in the border area.

One day, troops of the unit arrived at Trinh Tuong residential area in Bac Cuong hamlet, Hoanh Mo commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province, to support local residents to take care of plum gardens.

Troops of Defense-Economic Unit 327 instruct local people in Trinh Tuong residential area in Bac Cuong hamlet, Hoanh Mo commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province to take care of plum trees.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Pham Van Thao, Deputy Director of the unit’s Afforestation Company No.156, more than 70 people in the area belong to the Dao ethnic minority group. “Due to their limited literacy level and poor living conditions, they suffer from poverty all year round. In order to support them, over the past time, the company has provided seeds and instructed them on how to plant plum trees. Actually, the model works,” he added.

The model was also conducted in Pac Nay village, Quang Duc commune, Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh province recently. Despite harsh winter weather conditions, every day, troops wholeheartedly cross rough terrains to transport materials to reinforce dam banks to store water to serve local people’s need in daily life.

Secretary of Pac Nay village’s Party Cell Nguyen Van Binh held that the dam helps his villagers store water. However, in recent years, due to heavy rains, many embankments have collapsed, and there is not enough water for farmers in dry season. As the troops came to help them, local residents, together with the troops, reinforced the embankments.

Stationed in the border mountainous districts of Quang Ninh province, troops and staff of Defense-Economic Unit 327 always take care of local border people, while coordinating with local authorities to implement business models and practical activities to assist them in poverty reduction and socio-economic development.

Currently, the unit is carrying out several models such as building typical border residential areas, agro-forestry development, and assisting children to go to school, among others. They also closely worked with local authorities to build plans and mobilized other social and political organizations in different localities to join hands to carry out social welfare programs.

Political Commissar of Defense-Economic Unit 327 Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Huy underscored that the unit’s business models have not only brought fruitful gardens to local people but also changed their mindset, so as to help them escape poverty for a better life.

Helping local people reinforce embankments

The troop’s wholeheartedness over the past years have contributed to changing the locality’s appearance and improving the local people’s living standards. Local residents in turn strictly follow the Party’s guidelines and State’s laws and policies, making contribution to ensuring political security and social order in the areas.

Especially, the military-civilian ties in the area have been cultivated, contributing to enhancing the “people’s heart” posture and building the firm border area.

Translated by Minh Anh