Earlier in the morning, at the cultural house in A Min - C9 hamlet, A Roang commune, A Luoi district, troops and employees of Defense-Economic Unit 92 (Unit 92) under Military Region 4, together with local people, were clearing the ground and pouring cement to upgrade the house’s surroundings. Despite the cold weather, the warm atmosphere encouraged them to fulfill the task, contributing to decorating the village ahead of the upcoming festival season.

Troops of Unit 92 prepare materials to renew the cultural house

Ho Van Ben from A Min - C9 hamlet held that thanks to the support of the troops, the village’s cultural house has been beautified with a large yard for many activities and festivals.

A Min - C9 hamlet is home to 125 households of the Ta Oi people. Recently, the local Party committee and authorities have invested in building a new cultural house for local residents to gather and organize festivals. However, it was hard to build the house’s yard. Learning about the difficulty, Unit 92 provided cement and sent nearly 50 officers and employees to the locality to help build a 600-square meter concrete yard and a volleyball court.

Military-civilian ties boosted in border areas

Head of A Min - C9 hamlet A Viet Voi noted that the local people were all grateful to the troops for their support, contributing to encouraging them to boost economy and escape poverty.

According to Deputy Political Commissar of Unit 92 Colonel Nguyen Dang Tam, the unit is stationed in border areas which are severely affected by Agent Orange/dioxin, with almost all of the population are needy ethnic minorities.

In order to raise the quality of mass mobilization work in the 2023-2030 period and the following years, while enhancing and building a strong political system and all people’s defense and security posture, the unit has mapped out plans to support the locals to repair the cultural house, upgrade the electricity system, and provide free health check-ups and medicines, among others.

The unit hoped that local people would soon escape poverty, thereby tightening the military-civilian relations and firmly protecting border areas.

Translated by Minh Anh