According to local people, since troops of Regiment 996 of the Quang Binh provincial Military Command implemented mobilization work, the commune has been changed positively.

Head of Coi Da village Ho Van Vua held that in the past, the village was divided by a stream so local people had to wade through the water or travel quite a long distance to pass the stream. However, the troops helped locals build a concrete road so that the local people were able to go around the village.

Troops of Regiment 996 helping the locals build a road.

Coi Da is a village in Ngan Thuy commune with hard living and road conditions, and poor economic development. There are a lot of Pa Co and Van Kieu ethnic people living here, and they are facing difficulties in their daily life. Over the past time, troops of Regiment 996 have developed infrastructure for the locality, contributing to reducing local poverty rate.

Visiting the village center, from afar, the PAN’s reporters could hear the bustling sound of revolutionary songs as the medical team of the Quang Binh provincial Military Command and Regiment 996 coordinated with the provincial Center for Disease Control to provide free healthcare check-ups and medicines to local people.

Carrying a medical bag in her hand, Ho Thi Huong, a resident of Coi Da village said, “Everyone is happy when the soldiers come to the village. They help us build roads, canals, dams, and repair houses. Moreover, the troops also cut hair for children, provide free healthcare check-ups and medicines for us. I would like to send my sincere thanks to those Uncle Ho’s soldiers.”

Troops of Regiment 996 have passed hundreds of kilometers to reach Coi Da village and wholeheartedly implemented practical activities to help the locals. On this occasion, the regiment built a rural road in the village with a length of more than 400m with a total cost of VND 500 million; provided free health check-ups and medicines, worth VND 20 million, for locals; presented 10 gifts to needy and policy households (VND 500,000 in cash and 10kg of rice each); and handed over 20 backpacks to 20 needy students; among others.

Head of the Quang Binh provincial Party Committee’s Mass Mobilization Department Le Van Bao, on behalf of the local people in Ngan Thuy commune in general and Coi Da village in particular, thanked Regiment 996 for their meaningful support in poverty reduction as well as other practical activities, contributing to tightening military-civilian ties and promoting the beautiful images of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Translated by Minh Anh