Gen. Vinh is the leader of the project which will be developed by the General Department of Technical Services (GDT).

Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Huy Vinh speaks at the event.

At the event, delegates from the GDT and other relevant agencies and units, experts, and scientists laid stress on the theoretical and practical urgency of the project. They also discussed the project’s outlines, including the theoretical and practical basis for developing the theory of the military technical work, current status and theoretical issues concerning technical work, how to develop the technical work theory and solutions to apply research results and practice of technical work in the new situation.

In his speech, Gen. Vinh highlighted that over the past years, the whole military has promoted the spirit of self-reliance, made positive and comprehensive changes in technical work, ensured weapons, technical equipment for training, combat readiness, search and rescue operations and other missions.

An overview of the event

The deputy defense minister also emphasized the military technical sector’s great strides in ensuring synchronization, production, improvement, upgrade and modernization of weapons and equipment, its research and mastery of the technical assurance work for forces determined to go straight to modernization.

He also pointed out shortcomings in technical work performance.

He said that in the current combat conditions, the task of researching and developing theory of the technical work has become even more urgent and important, contributing to building a standardized and modernized technical sector, promoting the military’s combat strength. 

He asked the GDT to cooperate with relevant agencies and units to research and develop the project and agencies and units in the Ministry of National Defense to support the GDT and its partners during the project development.

Translated by Chung Anh