Unlike other teams, the Field Kitchen event does not require competitors to overcome obstacles like passing deep trenches and climbing high walls. Nevertheless, the Field Kitchen is not an easy event of the Army Games as participating troops have to show their shooting skills at the shooting competition as well as their cooking skills and their knowledge of European cuisine at the cooking competition.

In the Army Games 2020, participating teams will compete in three stages, namely marksmanship competition, competition on cooking and bakery products baking of the contest-given set of ingredients according to free recipe, and competition on cooking and bread baking according to the menu and the contest-given recipes.

Members of the Field Kitchen team practice cooking.

According to the team’s coach Captain Vuong Van Tien, this year’s edition will last three days instead of two days in the previous ones. In the first two days, each team shall cook the food according to the menu options in accordance with a given recipe. The final round will be held on the third day when finalists are requested to bake bread and bakery products.

While shooting is seen as an advantage of the Vietnamese competitors, cooking is a challenging mission for them because all recipes provided by organizers are for European dishes. To solve the problem, the Vietnamese Field Kitchen team has to ask experienced chefs for assistance.

Colonel Nguyen Duong Hai, Deputy Head of the Staff of the Department of Military Supplies, said that the Army Games 2020’s participants are required to strictly follow rules and safety requirements and quantify an exact amount of ingredients for each dish.

Joining the game for the second time, the Vietnamese Field Kitchen Team understands that thorough preparation is the key to its success. Therefore, after having been tasked to form a team to compete in Army Games 2020, the Department of Military Supplies carefully selected competent personnel.

Colonel Nguyen Duong Hai revealed that this year the Field Kitchen team has 11 members, including six officers who competed in the previous edition. Those officers with rich experience and good psychology will serve as a firm basis for the Vietnamese team, Hai said.

Apart from selecting competent personnel, units under the General Department of Logistics also carefully prepares facilities, weapons, and equipment for participating troops to train for the upcoming event. 

Army Games is a venue for participating armies to strengthen their friendship and mutual understanding. At this year’s event, the personnel of the Field Kitchen team will represent the Vietnam People Army and serve as Vietnam’s ambassadors to popularize Vietnamese culture and cuisine to international friends, contributing to strengthening friendship between Vietnam and participating armies.

Translated by Tran Hoai