Earlier, the Signal Arm has carefully selected the most relevant and competent troops for the team.

IT team preparing for Army Games

According to Major Nguyen Duc Hieu, Deputy Chief of Staff of Brigade 205 under the Signal Arm, and Head of the Vietnamese signal contingent, it is an honor for the Signal Arm to compete in such a big international competition as Army Games.

As the Vietnam People’s Army delegations achieved good results at the two previous Army Games, the signal contingent is trying their best to train with the aim of contributing to the general success of the Vietnamese Army delegation in the Army Games 2020.

At the Army Games 2020, the signal contingent of Vietnam will compete in the “Confident Reception” contest is scheduled to take place in Belarus. The contingent will be divided into three groups, namely radio, militarized relay, and information technology. They will compete in five events: information reception and transmission, locating radio stations at night, militarized relay, and working with IP structured equipment. Many of contents of these events, including quickly and accurately locating radio stations marked on maps at night using provided maps and compasses, are new to Vietnamese signal troops.

“In fact, signal troops from Russia and neighboring countries are familiar with these contents as they often participate in similar contests. But, they are completely new to Vietnamese signal troops,” said major Nguyen Duc Hieu.

Another challenge for the participating Vietnamese signal troops is their Russian skills. In the information reception and transmission events, telegraphers are required to use Russian scripts and numbers, instead of Latin ones, to receive and transmit information. So telegraphers must have a good command of Russian language. “Everything is different so we have to learn from the beginning. In the first stage of the training course, we were all not good at Russian, thus the pace of our information reception and transmission was so slow,” said Non-commissioned Senior Lieutenant Dao Thanh Quan from Brigade 205.

With their high determination and hard training, the participating Vietnamese signal troops have now had their good command of Russian. After more than two months of learning hard, the signal troops have overcome the language barrier.

Apart from honing expertise in the day time, the signal troops have spent their evening studying regulations of the competition and technical features of equipment.

“At present, we can use and comprehend all verbal commands and signs in Russian in the field,” said Major Nguyen Duc Hieu.

Signal teams training for the event

To achieve good results of their training, the signal contingent draws up a training plan with specific targets for each week.

With the aim of promoting the glorious tradition of the Signal Corps of the Vietnam People’s Army and the beautiful image of Uncle Ho’s soldier to international friends, the participating Vietnamese signal troops are all committed to achieving the best results at the upcoming Army Games 2020.

Translated by Mai Huong