As planned, an engineer team of Brigade 299 is going to compete in the “Safe Route” category in the Army Games 2020 which will be held in Russia. At  the event, participating teams are supposed to  practice landing from helicopters, crossing suspension bridges, overcoming rope walls and facade of a two-storey house, detecting and clearing minefields,  IMR combat engineer vehicle clearing obstacles, and assemblage of mechanized bridge from the TMM-3M2 set.

During the inspection

Concluding the inspection, Senior Colonel Hung acknowledged and hailed the great efforts of Brigade 229 and the Vietnamese participating engineer team. He said the brigade well organized training activities for the engineer team to compete in the Army Games 2020 while members of the team achieved good results in training.

He also underscored the importance of the competition, requesting each member of the participating team to be well aware of their responsibility for drilling in all categories of the competition. Meanwhile, leaders of the unit should frequently encourage and create best conditions for the team to train for the event.

Over nearly two months, the engineer team has conducted training activities in line with the competition’s conditions and regulations.

Currently, all members of the team are trying their best to train, and some  have reportedly achieved outstanding results in comparison with the last year’s results.

Translated by Minh Anh