This year, Brigade 229 of the Engineering Corps was assigned to form an engineering contingent to compete in different events at Army Games 2020, including the best engineering assault section, the best TMM-3M unit, the best IMR combat engineer vehicle crew, and the best BAT track-layer crew.

Senior Colonel Tran Trung Hoa speaks at the working session

After receiving the mission, the Party Committee and Chain-of-Command of Brigade 229 pointed out the unit’s shortcomings in preparing for Army Games 2019, built a detailed plan, and carefully selected personnel for this year’s event. The unit also attached much importance to raising participating military engineers’ physical fitness and encouraging them to perform well at the games.

More importantly, the Party Committee and Chain-of-Command of Brigade 229 focused on improving engineers’ foreign language and communication skills in an international environment and enriching their knowledge of culture, art, sports, cuisine, science, and technology.

Having reviewed the unit’s preparations for the games, Senior Colonel Tran Trung Hoa asked Brigade 229 to provide sufficient logistics and technical facilities for training while paying special attention to ensuring safety for participating personnel and encouraging troops to raise their stance and resolve to achieve the best results at the upcoming international event.

At last year’s event held in Russia, although the engineering contingent competed in the games for the first time, the Vietnamese engineering team recorded encouraging results. Particularly, the engineering detachment of Brigade 229 pocketed a bronze medal, while its assault section won a high prize.

Over the past time, the unit has invested in building training facilities and updating technical equipment similar to the ones that will be used in the Russia-hosted competitions, so as to help troops better prepare for the event.

With their high determination and seriousness in training and preparing for the upcoming Army Games 2020, Senior Colonel Tran Trung Hoa believes that the engineering contingent of Vietnam will achieve high results, contributing to popularizing the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers to international friends.

Translated by Tran Hoai