Delegates at the opening ceremony

A number of experts in military medicine and UN peacekeeping operations from the UK, the US and Australia are present at the drill to observe the operation of the hospital and be ready to support staff members of the hospital.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Department for Peacekeeping Operations Senior Colonel Nguyen Nhu Canh said, Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations shows the country’s responsibility for bringing peace and prosperity to countries, regions and world. Field experiences and lessons from UN peacekeeping missions around the world are requiring peacekeepers to restlessly improve their professional qualifications, command of foreign languages and various essential skills.

In this circumstance, staff members of Vietnam’s Level-2 Field Hospital No2 should take the drill as a good opportunity to train and improve their knowledge and professional competence, he stressed.

The senior leader of the Vietnam Department for Peacekeeping Operations also thanked experts from the UK, the US and Australia for their effective support for Vietnam’s relevant agencies in training the staff of the hospital and conducting a comprehensive assessment of the hospital.

On behalf of the participating international experts, James Ralph from the UK said, he had listened to much good news about Vietnam’s Level-2 Field Hospital No1, which is now operating in Bentiu, South Sudan. He expressed his admire for the excellent performances of the Vietnamese officers despite their very difficult working conditions in South Sudan.

James Ralph addressing the event

Regarding the drill, he said he was impressed by the effort to draw up the drill plan of all Vietnamese agencies and units, and affirmed that he and other international experts are willing to support the Vietnamese side in running the drill. He considered that the presence of the international experts at the drill displays a vivid manifestation of the multilateral coordination in deploying UN missions. 

The drill will last two weeks and end on July 1, 2019.

The main training contents:

- Doctors and nurses of the hospital deal with various scenarios and issues which may happen during the hospital deployment process

- Doctors and nurses of the hospital practice performing normal medical examination and treatment as well as handling emergency cases in the field.

- Support components drill in solving technical and logistic issues.

- The whole hospital operates all procedures and processes.

Translated by Thu Nguyen