At the meeting, a representative of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command briefed participants on the outcomes obtained in 2021. In particular, last year coast guard troops with high responsibility stayed united and successfully fulfilled their assigned missions.

The whole force closely cooperated to follow the developments at sea and make timely recommendations to the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense to deal with circumstances in a flexible and effective way in accordance with the nation’s guidelines and policies. 

Outstanding collectives and individuals honored at the event

Its mass mobilization work was flexibly carried out by the force in line with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In the year, coast guard units took care of 28 needy children and provided support to the construction of eight houses for those in need.

In addition, the coast guard force actively participated in combatting crime and violations. The whole force discovered and dealt with 625 cases with 818 suspects.

Regarding information dissemination, in 2021, the Coast Guard Command and its affiliated agencies and units closely worked with press agencies to effectively disseminate information related to national sea and islands and law to people; conduct search and rescue operations; prevent crime and violations at sea; carry out mass mobilization activities.

In particular, agencies and units under the Vietnam Coast Guard Command worked with 108 central and local press agencies to disseminate their activities through 343 reportages, 732 articles, seven seminars, and 24 news columns.

At the meeting, representatives of press agencies and the Vietnam Coast Guard Command discussed and agreed on measures to raise the effectiveness of information dissemination in 2022.

On the occasion, the command presented certificates of merit to five collectives and seven individuals, and the Coast Guard Region 2 granted certificates of merit to nine collectives and nine individuals with outstanding achievements in the dissemination of information about sea and islands and coast guard force in 2021.

Translated by Chung Anh