Sr. Lt. Gen.  Nguyen Tan Cuong speaks at the meeting.

At the meeting, participants heard a report on the military-defense task implementation in 2021, watched a documentary film, and commented on other preparatory activities.

Concluding the event, General Cuong, who is also Deputy Defense Minister, acknowledged and spoke highly of authorized agencies and units’ all-out efforts during preparation for the upcoming Whole Military Politico-Military Conference.

He highly praised good preparation of the report, especially the documentary film whose contents and images comprehensively reflect the military-defense affairs this year, including competitions and drills.

General Cuong asked authorized agencies to continue to complete the remaining work and add more up-to-date outcomes in defense diplomacy and the military’s support for COVID-19-hit localities.

Other preparations such as security guarantee, COVID-19 prevention and control, and more need to be implemented thoroughly, said the chief of the General Staff, adding that the completed report, documentary film, and other preparatory work will be submitted to the Central Military Commission for approval.

Translated by Mai Huong