Lieutenant General Thai Dai Ngoc assigns missions to military units.

* Lieutenant General Thai Dai Ngoc, Commander of the Military Region 5 Command, chaired a meeting to carry out drastic measures to respond to Storm Noru.

At the event, Gen. Ngoc praised MR5’s great efforts in task performance. MR5’s armed forces have worked around the clock and stayed ready for natural disease response and search and rescue missions. Also, the region has ensured adequate personnel and vehicles, as well as prepared enough food and medicines for troops and local people.

Delegates monitor the developments of Storm Noru.

Meanwhile, MR5 mobilized nearly 25,000 vehicles to take shelters on the mainland and more than 200,000 local people to evacuate to safer places.

Concluding the meeting, Gen. Ngoc required the forces to closely follow the developments of the storm, maintain combat readiness, and fully prepare personnel and vehicles for the mission.

Additionally, officers and soldiers should heighten their responsibilities to help local people brace for the storm and deal with any circumstances.

Personnel and vehicles ready for natural disaster response and search and rescue missions.

* The same day, Lieutenant General Thai Dai Ngoc checked the teams who are performing natural disaster response and search and rescue missions. Gen. Ngoc used a specialized vehicle to inspect the preparations for Storm Noru in Son Tra district, Da Nang city.

After checking the Son Tra district Military Command, Gen. Ngoc asked the command to keep a close watch on the movements of the storm to ensure safety of local people.

The working delegation conducts an inspection at Tho Quang ship lock.

The command should focus on urgent and drastic actions and give the highest priority to the safety of people while making thorough preparations for the storm to minimize the damages to people and properties, he underlined.

On the occasion, the Military Region 5 Command provided a ton of dry provisions for workers, fishermen and local people in Son Tra district.

MR5 Command hands over dry provisions to people.

* In response to the complicated developments of Storm Noru, the Da Nang city Border Guard Command sent 200 troops to areas likely to be hit by the storm to help the locals brace for the storm.

Particularly, the Da Nang city Border Guard Command established a mobile platoon including 50 officers and soldiers for storm prevention and control missions. Border Guard Squadron 2’s ships stood ready for search and rescue tasks at sea.

Da Nang border guards guide fishermen and ship owners to anchor at Tho Quang ship lock.
Border guards transport boats to safer areas.

Along with firing warning flares to call on ships to take shelter, Da Nang border guards maintained high combat readiness posture and updated the storm’s developments to respond to the actual situations. Hai Van and Son Tra Border Posts also mobilized reinforced troops to areas likely to be hit by the storm to order operating ships to find shelters, guide local vessels to dock at ports, and support local people in transporting goods to safer places.

Translated by Quynh Oanh