Proactivity is a top priority

Under the directions of the Ministry of National Defense, the Military Region 5 Command has required its agencies and units to fully prepare personnel and vehicles to help local people brace for the storm and deal with any circumstances.

Cu Lao Cham Border Post under the Quang Nam provincial Border Guard Command helping fishermen tow their fishing boats to shelter

In detail, MR5’s armed forces have worked around the clock to closely follow the storm’s developments and flooding situation in the locality. The units have also been asked to ensure safety for barracks, warehouses, stations, vehicles, and troops’ activities while preparing enough food and medicines for troops and people.

Additionally, the military commands of seven coastal provinces and cities have made recommendations to higher levels and local authorities to evacuate local people in areas with high risks of flash floods and landslides to safer places. Meanwhile, the commands have coordinated with MR5’s units and MND’s units stationed in the localities to grasp the storm’s developments, build concrete plans to respond to the actual situations and evacuate people to safe places.

Stand ready for Storm Noru

MR5’s Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue has asked troops from the Command Post for Natural Disaster prevention and control of Division 315 to stay ready to depart for Southern provinces.

Hoi An city's armed forces reinforcing locals' houses

* In Tan Hiep island commune (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province), officers and soldiers from Battalion 70 under the Quang Nam provincial Military Command have been at ports and piers to help people deal with the storm and guide ships to take shelter from it. Also, the unit has prepared tons of food to support local people in the commune.

* In Ly Son island district (Quang Ngai province), troops of the district Military Command, together with other forces, have assisted schools in moving properties and materials to safer areas while preparing enough accommodations and food for local people.

* In Nam Tra My district (Quang Nam province), the district Military Command has mobilized its troops to encourage the locals to evacuate to safer places.

Besides the Quang Nam provincial Border Guard Command has deployed personnel and vehicles for search and rescue missions. Border posts in coastal areas have called on operating ships to find shelters on the mainland and guided local vessels to dock at ports to ensure their safety.

Cu Lao Cham Border Post's personnel guiding ships to take shelter

* The Coast Guard Region 2 has set up six teams, including nearly 100 troops and 13 vehicles, for natural disaster response and search and rescue missions.

Amid the complicated developments of Storm Noru, military units in Truong Sa island district have actively conducted numerous measures to brace for the upcoming storm. By October 26, 47 fishing boats and more than 1,000 fishermen have taken shelter in the district. In addition, the islands constantly update the developments of the storm and have prepared enough materials and medical equipment to receive local people to shelter from the storm.

Translated by Quynh Oanh