The College was an upgrade of the Signal Techniques Vocational School under Decision 289/QD-LDTBXH issued on March 11, 2019 by the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

The school's leadership receiving the decision

The establishment of Signal Techniques College was a step following the Signal Arm’s implementation of Resolution 86 of the Central Military Commission on education and training missions and the “Strategies for education and training in the military during the 2011-2020”. The school is expected to help improve signal officers’ training quality and provide qualified experts for signal units in the time to come.

Speaking at the event, General Cuong applauded efforts of the school’s leaderships and personnel, and asked them to quickly build relevant regulations and legal documents related to the school, complete their organization, build a contingent of competent teachers and educational managers and improve training programs to meet the task requirements.

Translated by Chung Anh